Photo Credits: Sinister Star

Occultus Verum from Denver, Colorado is a conglomeration of several members of previous and current bands consisting of:

Nate Periat on guitar and vocals (ex-Oak, Ash, and Thorn, and Frost Thane)
Hugh T McDougal on guitar and vocals (Harvest the Murdered, ex-Sar Isatum)
Matt Getto on drums (Harvest the Murdered, Nomenclature, ex-YETI ex- Kataplexy)
and Nero Romulus on bass (Divine Torture, Fistulus, ex-Codex Inferno).

We have a mission to bring dark, melodic, aggressive harmonies with epic themes and esoteric teachings.
Collectively as a species we all wonder what the hidden truths of our existence may be and we explore many pathways yearning for enlightenment. Join us in our musical exploration of life’s hidden truths.

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